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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

3 Young Women Arrested In Iran For "adopting Western lifestyle" - Media is silent to avoid damaging Islam's image

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Three young women who posted their own dance videos on Instagram were arrested in Iran on October 8 and will be tried in court.
Dancing in public is strictly forbidden in the Islamic Republic of Iran but uploading footage of one's dancing on social media is a faux pas that takes it a step further and turns the "crime" into an "enemy plot."
The conservatives in Iran have repeatedly insisted that the "enemy" (the U.S.A. and its allies) is encouraging Iranian youth to publish "disgraceful" posts, such as dancing, on social media.
The media is turning a blind eye to the Islamic oppression of women in the Islamic Republic of Iran to avoid damaging the image of Islam in the West.
The prisons in Iran are full of women, NOT robbers or murderers BUT innocent women who rebelled against the strict religious laws.
Iran is a country where seeing public executions & lashings is normal while dancing is forbidden.
It's illegal for Iranian women to dance on the street, but that's not stopping them. These dancing women are risking jail by publicly defying Iran's modesty laws. But hopefully these women are shuffling their way to a better future.