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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Watch: Iranian Muslim man pepper sprays women & girls for not wearing hijabs

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The video (embedded below) was posted by Iranian-American human rights activist, Masih Alinejad, with the testimony of the girl who was attacked: “Hi Masih, this pro government man attacked us with a spray for not wearing a hijab. He was scared of our camera. Government says sending film to you will cause up to 10 years jail but #MyCameraIsMyWeapon to expose the violence against women. I find want to be told what to wear..."
Police officers quickly came to arrest the innocent girls.
This is what happens when your hair becomes a matter of national security.
The United Nations, the media and the European Union support the Iranian sharia regime that carries out the worst Human Rights violation in the world.
Under Iranian law, Women are not eligible for legal protection as their testimony is equal to half of a man, meaning they should bring at least two witnesses to defend themselves in court. Women are often brutally punished and even executed without a fair trial.
Women without veils face more than 10 years prison sentence, in the past year six women were sentenced to more than a hundred years in prison.