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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Watch: Iranian diplomats humiliated at the UN by fearless Women's rights activist

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Iran has the worst women's rights record in the world.
The brutal persecution of women, who refuse to wear hijabs, breaks record of cruelty as many women's rights activists have been sentenced to hundreds of years in prison.
Brave American-Iranian human rights activist, Masih Alinejad, has posted this video (embedded below) on social media with the following description:
"When you see Islamic Republic officials challenge them about #ForcedHijab
This is how I grilled Iranian Vice President @mowlaverdi
& other female parliamentarians when they came to United Nation. Don’t say hijab is the law of the country.
Slavery us to be legal. #WhiteWednesdays"
The prisons in Iran are full of women, not robbers or murderers but innocent women who struggled against the strict religious laws.
The terror regime in Iran arrests and imprisons women who dare to rebel against the strict Hijab Laws.
Please show support to the people of Iran, share this post all over social media.