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Sunday, September 29, 2019

Watch: imam forces girl to lick his finger "to bless & cure her" During an Islamic ceremony in Iraq

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This Imam claims that he has divine powers to cure Mental Illness of women and girls.
Instead of visiting a doctor, they visited the Mosque to seek medical treatment from the cleric. He smacks her head like a broken remote control to “heal her.”
This girl's husband forced her to undergo this humiliating Islamic ceremony.
This video reveals the social inferiority of women in Arab society throughout the Middle East, Asia and Africa in countries practicing Sharia law.
Human rights organizations in the Western world are turning a blind eye to the brutal violation of human rights in the Muslim world under Sharia law.
The U.N. elected Syria, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan to top human rights positions to lecture Israel & the US on human rights. The worst human rights violators in the world have key roles in UN bodies.
Enough is enough, Western countries must cut all their foreign aid to the UN.
American taxpayers pay more than any other country for the UN budget.
The UN is a useless organization which is dominated by countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran and Cuba etc.
There are 193 countries in the UN So why are the American taxpayers funding most of its budget?