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Thursday, September 5, 2019

WATCH: Australian Muslim who joined ISIS pretends to be innocent victim after committing genocide against Christians in Syria

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This is the case of the Australian jihadist “Yousuf Muhammad Yousuf” who was known as Abu Affan al-Somali, who confirmed that he was happy with his jihadi experience within the Islamic State group (ISIS).
As you can see in the video below, he admits that he was aware of the genocide of non-Muslim minorities in Iraq and Syria but still claims that his membership in the terrorist organization does not make him a terrorist. He pretends to be innocent after the Christian, Yazidi and Kurdish minorities have experienced brutal genocide by ISIS.
The Australian jihadist is now in a high-security detention center, five years after staying in ISIS controlled-territories, which had attracted more than 160 Australians since the announcement of the “caliphate”, where Abu Affan said that he had come to Syria after that announcement.
Australia must revoke the citizenship of ISIS terrorists and let Iraq, Syria and the Russian Air Forces to deal with them in the Middle East.