Saturday, September 7, 2019

Israeli Air Force bombed Gaza in response to terrorism on the border and rocket attacks at civilian targets in Israel

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09/07/2019 - Breaking News: The Israel Defense Forces released the following statement following terrorist attacks from the Gaza Strip (embedded below): "...A terror squad in Gaza launched a drone into Israel that dropped what appears to be an explosive device; an IDF vehicle was lightly damaged... In response, we targeted the terror squad responsible for launching the drone.... Earlier tonight, 5 rockets were fired from #Gaza to #Israel.
In response, we just struck a number of Hamas targets in northern Gaza..." The media is silent when Muslim terrorists from the Gaza Strip attack Israel but screams when Israel defends itself.
Where is the wall-to-wall international coverage? Why isn't this making headline news?
The rockets and mortars are the latest escalation of violence by Hamas following weeks of Hamas-led violent riots at the Gaza-Israel border.
Hamas is an Islamic terrorist organisation, with an antisemitic ideology, an arsenal of missiles pointing at Israel, a history of terror attacks on Jewish targets in the West, and links to organised crime.
Under international law, every rocket fired from Gaza into Israel is a double war crime — one for targeting Israeli civilians,
another for doing so inside or next to civilian homes, mosques, hospitals and schools, which uses civilians as human shields.