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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Iran to execute entire family of women's rights activists, to terrorize women who may join anti-hijab protest

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September 25, 2019 - Three relatives of the 'White Wednesdays' women's rights campaigner Masih Alinejad have been arrested in Iran.
Iranian activist Masih Alinejad says Iran Ministry of Intelligence agents stormed his brother's house, taking him away while handcuffed & blindfolded. They've also arrested her ex in-laws, she says.
Iran state TV repeatedly aired programs targeting her.
Iran's rulers are known for their brutal persecution of regime opponents, but this time they are targeting of human rights activists who have nothing to do with anti-regime activity.
The regime in Iran uses the death penalty as a tool to suppress and silence a disgruntled society the majority of whom live under the poverty line, are unemployed and deprived of freedom of speech.
Please share this post to raise awareness of the brutal persecution of human rights activists and their families in Iran.