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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Harry & Meghan Markle embrace hijab at mosque visit while ignoring the suffering of Iranian women under forced-hijab law

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During a visit to South Africa's first and oldest mosque Meghan Markle wore a hijab and sparked outrage among women's rights activists in the Muslim world who have been fighting for years to stop the brutal repression of women under Sharia laws in countries such as Iran, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states.
One of the most prominent activities to condemn Meghan Marklel is Yasmine Mohammed. As you can see in the embedded post below, she expressed frustration for the contempt of the British royal family for women's rights all over the Middle East, Asia and Africa.
This is not what you expect from representatives of the civilized western nation who visit other countries especially at a time when the Iranian terrorist regime began to brutally persecuting women's rights activists in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Dozens of women were sentenced to prison for total 200 years after refusing to wear a veil in Iran.
Iran has deployed 2,000 new morality police units in reaction to what officials call an “increasing defiance” of the compulsory wearing of hijabs. No one seems to care about the brutal violation of women's rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran, not even "feminists" in the West.
Fake feminists in the West normalizing the hijab, While Women in Iran discarded it in protest against actual oppression.
Over the past year Iran's women's uprising has reached a boiling point after Sahar Khodayari, 29, an Iranian woman burned herself to death to protest 'gender apartheid' in sports stadiums.
In another case Iran's youngest women's rights activist, Yasaman Aryani, was sentenced to 16 years in prison for removing the Hijab. Why does the UK's royal family turn a blind eye to the brutal violation of women's rights throughout the Middle East, Asia and Africa?