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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Britain: Islamist jailed for life after training children in London to become suicide bombers

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WATCH: ISIS terrorist jailed after trying to create ‘jihadist child army’ in London. Staying in London, five senior mosque officials have been disqualified after an inquiry into the actions of an ISIS extremist who worked with them.
Um-ar Hakk was jailed for life last year for attempting to create what's been called a "jihadist child army" from young worshippers.
And questions have been asked about how it was allowed to happen.
Sadiq Khan is also the first Muslim to lead any Western capital city.
More than 1.3m Londoners voted for him - that's almost 57% of those voting. During his tenure as Mayor of London he consistently attacks US President Donald Trump and lashes out at the Brexit voters.
He should be ashamed of himself. Maybe he should do his job rather than attack a world leader
Many Britons criticize the situation in London under the control of Sadiq Khan. According to British media, London is now more dangerous than New York City.