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Thursday, August 22, 2019

Watch: Muslim refugee complains about life in UK, says benefits & free stuff not up to her standards

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WATCH: Sky News is facing backlash from British viewers following a report (Embedded below) in which Muslim refugee complained about life in the UK.
She said the free housing did not match her standards and demanded to get a spacious 4 bedroom apartment which could accommodate her family.
Over the past few years millions of immigrants from the Middle East, Asia and Africa have infiltrated Europe illegally.
It seems the UK welfare system cannot withstand the massive wave of immigration that is affecting Europe.
This video went viral on social media and triggered backlash.
British journalist Katie Hopkins tweeted the video (Embedded below) with the following description: "Dear Ms Akhbar 1) no one owes you a home
2) having children was your choice. Not the British taxpayer
3) If you want better, earn it for yourself.
4) ship up or ship out (*container based humour)
5) your problems are exactly that. Yours. Own them...."
Even Australian leader Imam Tawhidi commented on the video and wrote the following: "You ungrateful, selfish and rude person. We were born in the middle of wars with rockets falling down on our cities, and you complain that the UK has given you a safe place to live? Have her sleep beside homeless people for a night then interview her...."