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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Watch: Israel e-manipulates terrorists' attempt to launch armed drones at Israeli civilian targets

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The Israeli Defense Forces released a video showing Hezbollah terrorists trying to launch suicide drones into civilian targets in Israel, without knowing that the Israeli Intelligence Corps has taken over the drones and paralyzed them by using advanced electronic means.
Two days after the failed attack, the IDF located the terrorists' hideout and eliminated them in Syria.
According to the IDF statement Hasan Yousif Zbib and Yasir Ahmad Dahir were behind the attempt to attack Israel with killer drones, both were killed by an Israeli air strike in Syria last Friday.
The video (embedded below) was posted on social media by the IDF with the following description:
"...Soleimani commanded an attack of killer drones on Israel. Iranian Quds operatives flew to the Damascus Intl. Airport with drones & explosives, and continued to an Iranian base in Syria to prepare for an attack on Israel...."