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Monday, August 26, 2019

Watch: Iran's FM says 73% of Iranian people want to stone rape victims & hang gay people in Islam's name

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Iran has the worst human rights record in the world.
Non-Muslim minorities are persecuted and not allowed to practice their religion in public.
Women without a veil are imprisoned for decades in prison where they are subjected to mental and physical torture.
Journalists are arrested for "spying" charges. Rape victims so often executed on charges of adultery.
Child marriage, forced marriage and child Brides ...
These are just a small descriptio of the crimes against humanity committed in Iran under Sharia law on a regular basis but as you can see in the video below the Foreign Minister claims Iran's people support the brutal Sharia regime.
Many people pointed out the facts that:
1) Most candidates are eliminated 2) People have to choose btw "bad" & "worse"
3) No secular candidate allowed Please share this post all over social media if you support freedom for the Iranian people.