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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Senior Iranian Ayatollah Says 'Allah' will redeem humanity only after bombing the West with nuclear missiles

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Senior Iranian Ayatollah Mohammad Mehdi Mirbagheri: "In Order for the Hidden Imam to Reappear We Must Engage in 'Widespread Fighting' with the West"
This is the true face of the terrorist regime in Iran.
They want to bring the "the end of time" according to Islam when the "Hidden Imam" will expose himself as Allah's Messenger.
Please watch and share this video!
Iran's Ayatollahs are crazy Islamists who want to get nuclear weapons to destroy the West.
The terrorist regime in Iran is waging a proxy war throughout the Middle East in an attempt to take over Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Gaza.
Since the Islamic revolution in Iran, Shi'ite Islamist militias throughout the Middle East have carried out hostile and terrorist acts against Israel and other countries of the region on behalf of the Tehran terror regime.