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Saturday, August 3, 2019

Outrage in the Arab world as Belgium cuts foreign aid to UN Palestinian Agency joining Swiss & Dutch govs

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Following President Trump, Switzerland and the Netherlands Belgium suspends 5.35 million euros ($5.9m) to the Palestinian UN agencies in Gaza, Ramallah and Jordan (serving terrorists of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Fatah) after a leaked report of mismanagement at the agency..
In calendar year 2018, the Trump Administration has significantly cut funding for the Palestinians including
$231.532 million economic assistance and $424.3 million to UNRWA (UN agency in Gaza and Ramallah).
Here is a list of Western countries that fund the UN agency, which mainly serves Palestinian terrorists:
EU $179 Million, Germany $177M, UK $93M, Sweden $65M, Norway $36M, Canada $27M, Netherlands $23M, Spain $19M, Australia $16M.
Every civilized country should cut all its foreign aid to the Palestinians.