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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Iran: Man who murdered woman was pardoned but woman who removed Hijab got 24 years in prison

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Iranian women's rights activist has been jailed for a total of 24 years - including a 15-year term for 'spreading prostitution by taking off her hijab'.
Saba Kord Afshari, 20, was handed the sentence Tuesday by Tehran's Revolutionary Court after being found guilty of removing her headscarf as well as 'spreading propaganda against the state' and 'assembly and collusion'.
On the other hand The former mayor of Tehran, Mohammad Ali Najafi, released on an approximately $240 bail after murdering his second wife.
He was freed on August 28, after being pardoned.
This is justice under Sharia law in Iran. Only women pay a price for breaking "religious laws".
Iran has the worst human rights record in the world. The Ayatollah regime in Iran systematically violates women's rights, LGBT rights, minority rights and children's rights.
Please share this post all over social networks to raise awareness of the brutal violation of women's rights in Iran.