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Sunday, August 4, 2019

Iran executed 2 leaders of Iran's Ahwazi minority - UN is silent to avoid damaging Shiite Islam's image

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08/04/2019 - Abdullah Karmollah Chab & Ghassem Abdullah from Iran's Ahwazi Arab minority were executed in Dezful prison this morning, according to Amnesty International, following a grossly unfair trial.
“Confessions” they have said were obtained under torture and other ill-treatment, including electric shocks and mock executions, were used to convict them.
They have been convicted of “enmity against God” (moharebeh).
This is how the Iranian terrorist regime carries out ethnic cleansing against the non-Shiite minorities throughout the Islamic Republic.
Innocent senior leaders in minority groups are accused of crimes against Islam and executed in public to terrorize minorities and dissuade them from practicing their religion in public.
The United Nations, the European Union and even the media are turning a blind eye to the brutal violation of women's rights, minority rights and children's rights under Sharia law in Iran.
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