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Monday, August 5, 2019

Iran doubles foreign aid to Hamas as preparation for multi-front war against Israel

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Iran has agreed to massively increase its monthly payments to Palestinian terror group Hamas in exchange for intelligence on Israeli missile capabilities, an Israeli television network reported Monday.
The Islamic Republic is a longtime financial supporter of Hamas Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah.
Iran has armed Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria and Hamas & Islamic Jihad In Gaza with hundreds of thousands of long-range missiles. According to intelligence sources in Israel, Hezbollah is planning to launch a long-range war against Israel and fire 3,000 Heavy-Warheads Missiles towards civilian targets in Israel during each fighting day.
Under international law, every rocket fired from Gaza and Lebanon into Israel is a double war crime — one for targeting Israeli civilians, another for doing so inside or next to civilian homes, mosques, hospitals and schools, which uses civilians as human shields.
According to security sources, Israel is going to suffer thousands of civilian casualties in the next war against Lebanon.
Please share this post if you support Israel's right to defend itself.
The media is always silent when Hezbollah and Hamas attack Israel but screams when Israel defends itself. The rulers of Iran do not care about the welfare of the Iranian people, they are too busy promoting Shiite terror throughout the Middle East. Iran is one of the richest countries in natural resources, but the regime uses its wealth to start proxy wars & spread terrorism instead of improving people’s lives.
Every year Iran gives billions of dollars to terror organizations & terrorist regimes all over the Middle East.
Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Gaza have become terrorist states.