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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Watch: Miss Iraq humiliates US-Muslim Congresswoman for promoting terrorism and racism

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As you can see down below In a series of tweets on her official Twitter account Former Miss Iraq for 2017 Sarah Idan blasted Anti-Semitic Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar over her alleged help to promote terrorism and racism. In tweets directed at Somali-Muslim US-member of Congress Miss Iraq wrote the following:

"...The real concern is if she has no problem committing an immigration fraud & if it’s true she married her brother to bring him to the US. How can we allow her to be a lawmaker when she lies & doesn’t even respect the law in the first place?...
...Retweet this! until every American sees @IlhanMN true racist colors. Labeling an entire race is NEVER okay! Whether she’s colored or white it doesn’t give her the right to say (we need to profile & monitor (White Men) her agenda is clear, she aims to break the nation’s unity....

...First you call to open our borders to everyone, make it easy for terrorists to come & commit attacks then you ask for no death penalty so not only it would encourage their act but also means we spend our tax$ to shelter them? Crimes against the state are the definition of cruelty... I doubt the families of the victims shot in Orlando club would agree with you that a death penalty is cruel for Omar Mateen if he was still alive & sent to prison. Or that the families of many women Ted Bundy had murdered would think giving him a death penalty was unjust..."