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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Watch: Iraqi Woman Humiliates Entire Arab world at UN

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Fearless Iraqi woman humiliates the governments of the entire Arab world over their blatant hypocrisy, double standard and low moral level.
Please watch and share the video down below.
Watch: After Syria, Pakistan, Qatar & the PLO accused Israel of "grave violations of human rights,".
Miss Iraq Sarah Idan—recently named a UN Watch Ambassador for Peace—took the floor:
"Two years ago, I represented Iraq at Miss Universe. I posted a photo with Miss Israel on social media. I was told to remove it and forced to denounce Israeli policies.
I received death threats.
Since then I can no longer return to my homeland. Why did the Iraqi government fail to condemn the threats, or allow my freedom of speech? The issue between Arabs and Israelis goes beyond policy disagreements.
It’s deeply rooted in the belief systems taught in Muslim countries, which are anti-Semitic. Sadly, hatred and intolerance are reinforced by biased media. When I watched the news last month, why did they never report that the Hamas terrorist organization fired nearly 700 rockets at Israeli civilians in one weekend or that Hamas used Palestinians in Gaza as human shields? Why do they never condemn Hamas for initiating the attacks? Instead, they only show those killed by the response, in self-defense, and blame Israel. For advocating peace, I’m called a traitor. Why hasn’t a single Arab media outlet called to ask my views? Instead, they publish false translations of my statements. I’d like to remind Arab countries that today you share more common interests with Israel than the terrorist militias.
Negotiating peace for both states isn’t betraying the Arab cause but a vital step to end conflict and suffering for all. Thank you." —Miss Iraq Sarah Idan, UN Watch Ambassador for Peace, UN Human Rights Council, 41 Session