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Monday, July 29, 2019

WATCH: Iran's rulers freaking out as women declare anti-hijab revolution to end Islamic oppression

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Fearless Iranian woman posted this video on social media to raise awareness of women's struggle against sharia laws in Iran.
The video (Embedded below) was posted with the following description:
"Today, head of the revolutionary court in Iran reported that women who send me videos risk 1 to 10 years of jail. My Response: regime isn’t scared of me. They’re scared of people & their demands. I’ll keep relaying the voices of people as long as I keep receiving videos"
Masih Alinejad says what a vast majority of Iranians think. The Islamic Republic is Iran’s biggest enemy.
This woman who fled Iran as a refugee gives a voice to the silenced women in the Islamic Republic of Iran whose rights are being brutally violated by the religious regime.
Please show support to the people of Iran, share this video all over social networks.