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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Watch: Iranian man harasses 4 girls for not wearing hijab - police arrested the girls, not the man who harassed them

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Masih Alinejad a brave Iranian human rights activist in the US has posted this video (embedded below) on social media with the following description in order to raise awareness of women's struggle against sharia laws in Iran: "These are fearless feminists.
4 girls are #WalkingUnveiled on #WhiteWednesdays against forced hijab on subway.
A guy harasses them for their hijab, but they stand their ground through #MyCameraIsMyWeapon.
Iran arrested 9 women of #WhiteWednesdays, but more are joining it..."
The terror regime in Iran arrests and imprisons women who dare to rebel against the strict religious laws.
Please share this video all over social media if you support the right of Iranian women to remove the veil and enjoy full equal rights.