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Thursday, July 25, 2019

Watch: Algerian immigrant brag about Colonizing France

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Algerian soccer fans had a message for the French after their Africa Cup of Nations; “France used to colonize us, but today we colonize them”.
The comments were made by one fan after his team’s win over Senegal in the final of the competition. They were met with cheers by his fellow supporters.
The video sparks outrage all over the social media.
Over the last few years France has received hundreds of thousands of immigrants and refugees from the Middle East, Asia and Africa.
French authorities received with open arms almost everyone who wanted to start a new life in Europe.
Many criticize the European Union over its open border policy, which has led to massive uncontrolled immigration.
No one really knows the real number of immigrants who have entered Europe, no one knows who they are and where they all came from.