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Monday, July 8, 2019

This Iranian girl is facing Heavy prison sentence for violating Sharia law by watching football

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Gender apartheid in Iran continues. This woman wasn't allowed inside the sports stadium to watch her team's practice game. She went up a wall to watch the game.
These women literally risking their lives in order to fight for their freedom. Please share this video if you support the fight of Iranian women for equal rights!
This image (embedded below) has gone viral on social media thanks to the Iranian-American human rights activist Masih Alinejad, who works to raise awareness of the cruel women's rights violations in Iran.
This is how the shari'a regime oppresses the Iranian people. The rulers of Iran do not care about the welfare of the Iranian people, they are too busy promoting Shiite terror throughout the Middle East. Iran is one of the richest countries in natural resources, but the regime uses its wealth to start proxy wars & spread terrorism instead of improving people’s lives.