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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Shocking discovery In Israel: 1st ever biblical workshop dates back to the Iron Age (11th to sixth century BCE)

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Another Fantastic Discovery In Israel.
Archeologists in Haifa made a shocking discovery! They've uncovered the "1st ever biblical era purple dye workshop at the Tel Shikmona archeological site. The site dates back to the Iron Age (11th to sixth century BCE)!" via: University of Haifa.
On the one hand, Judaism was founded in the Land of Israel (Including Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem). On the other hand, Islam was created in Saudi Arabia by Muhammad the so called prophet.
How dare the entire Arab world claim that Jews occupying the Land of Israel?
Over the past few years, the Arab countries led by the Palestinians have passed dozens of resolutions to "erase" the historic connection between Judaism and the the Holy Land (Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem). This discovery, along with many other archaeological discoveries prove one thing, the UN Will not succeed in erasing the Jewish connection to the land of Israel.