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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Shock as Belgian PM voted to elect Saudi Arabia to a women's rights commission

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Human rights activist Hillel Neuer slammed the European Union for electing Saudi-Backed Belgian PM to be new European Council president to promote Foreign interests.
On his official twitter account Hillel Neuer wrote:
"Belgian PM Charles Michel to be new European Council president.
GOOD: When we exposed his vote to elect Saudi Arabia to the UN Women's Rights Commission, he confessed before Parliament: "I regret this vote."
BAD: He voted to elect Saudi Arabia to a women's rights commission."

The President of the European Council is the person presiding over and driving forward the work of the European Council, as well as a principal representative of the European Union on the world stage. This institution comprises the college of heads of state or government of EU member states as well as the President of the European Commission, and provides political direction to the European Union.