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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Security expert warns "Islamists turned my Christian homeland into a sharia sh*thole. We won't let the US..."

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Watch Founder & Chairman of ACT for America, Brigitte Gabriel, speak at the 2019 Western Conservative Summit!
Brigitte Gabriel is an American counter terrorism expert, author, journalist and political speaker.
She was born in Lebanon, which was known as "the Paris of the Middle East," due to a free immigration policy Islamists took over Lebanon, which was a Christian majority state and turned it into a Sharia state where Christians are persecuted.
Please watch and share this video.
Trump adopted One Big policy which is called "America First" to fulfill his biggest election promise to "make America great again".
So far he has managed to destroy Obama's failed nuclear deal, get out of Paris climate agreement, move the American embassy to Jerusalem, and impose his Travel Ban.
Trump is a man of his word. On the campaign trail, he promised to protect Israel, to move the embassy to Jerusalem, to quit the Iran deal. And he has kept those promises. The American economy is thriving. This is why Democrats will always vote against Trump, because he proves them wrong.