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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Nigeria, where Christians face genocide, was elected to the UN Human Rights Council

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In Nigeria—which is a member of the UN Human Rights Council— where Christians face genocide.
The Fulani herdsmen, who are mostly Muslims, are committing genocide against Christians and non-Muslims in Nigeria.
U.N. elects Syria, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan to top human rights positions to lecture Israel & the US on human rights.
The worst human rights violators in the world have key roles in UN bodies.
Enough is enough, Western countries must cut all their foreign aid to the UN.
American taxpayers pay more than any other country for the UN budget.
The UN is a useless organization which is dominated by countries like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran and Cuba etc.
There are 193 countries in the UN So why are the American taxpayers funding most of its budget?