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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Middle Ages 2019: Iranian Women's Rights Activist jailed on false charges of having sorcery powers

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Saba Kord Afhshari an Iranian women's rights activist and her mother Raheleh Ahmadi were jailed after being forced to confess on "crimes" they never committed.
First the corrupt Prosecutors arrested Saba Kord Afhshari and forced her to aconfess by threatening to arrest her mother and imprison her entire family if she did not confess to the baseless charges against her. As you can see in the video below her mother risked her life to raise awareness of the illegal detention of her daughter and very recently after her testimony was posted on social media she also got arrested by the Sharia Police Please share this video!
This is how the terror regime gets rid of anyone who dares to rebel against the strict Sharia laws in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Please watch and share this video posted by an Iranian-American human rights activist on social media.
The video posted with the following description:
"...BREAKING NEWS: A new low by Iran's judiciary:
They've arrested Raheleh Ahmadi, mother of Saba Kord Afhshari (White Wednesdays activist).
They had forced Saba to give false confessions. Now, they want to silence her mother who had defended her through this video in the past...."