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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Iraqi parliament revokes citizenship of Miss Iraq who gets rape & death threats for supporting Israel

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Iraq's parliament voted to strip the citizenship of Miss Iraq & Prevent her Entry & return into Iraq for supporting Israel while speaking at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva (Video embedded below).
"2 weeks ago Iraq denied my statements at the UN that I don't have freedom to speak about Israel now they're taking my citizenship. This is inhumane. I'm speechless..." former Miss Iraq Sarah Idan tweeted on Wednesday.
In a heartening statement on her social media accounts she appealed to US President Donald Trump to pick up her cause. Referencing her work as a translator with US troops in Iraq, she wrote: “I fought beside US to end tyranny & deliver democracy to Iraq. Freedom of speech is the base of democracy & must be protected."
Idan continued, “I urge the @UN @realDonaldTrump to investigate this decision & put an end to this abuse & protect my rights as an Iraqi American citizen.”