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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Blood libel: San Francisco Imam Says Jews Are Working for Satan - The media is silent

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San Francisco Friday Sermon by Dr. Khalid Siddiqi: "Morsi Was Murdered by Zionist Agents Who Are Working for Satan".
Former Egyptian President and global Muslim Brotherhood Leader Mohammed Morsi has passed away after fainting at a court session, according to Egyptian state television.
It has nothing to do with Israel, Zionists or Jews.
The Muslim Brotherhood is a radical political movement which has been banned in many countries including Egypt and Russia.
The Egyptian president is waging war against the Muslim Brotherhood organization in order to fight religious extremism.
Hundreds of members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt were sentenced to death over the past year.
The terrorist organization, Hamas is an extension of the Muslim Brotherhood in Gaza.
Western countries should follow Egypt and ban the Muslim Brotherhood organization.