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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Watch: woman was attacked on a bus in Iran over un-Islamic colorful veil

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No one seems to care about the brutal violation of women's rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran, not even "feminists" in the West.
Fake feminists in the West normalizing the hijab, While Women in Iran discarded it in protest against actual oppression.
The Video (embedded below) which went viral on social media shows a woman attacked on a bus over "improper hijab" , the video posted on social media to raise awareness of the oppression of women in Iran. Please share this.
The video was shared with the following description:
"We were travelling on a bus in Iran. This chador clad woman harassed me as she found that my hijab improper. Yet, underestimated our solidarity. The entire bus united against her. She became so scared that she had go hide herself. This is the power of #MyCameraIsMyWeapon..."