Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Watch: Police officers arrest pro-Trump British woman in London

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British woman who blew up the shameful Trump baby blimp was arrested by police officers for daring to support Trump.
She captured the incident on camera hersel. After she blew up, Mura can be heard yelling at anti-Trump protesters, "The president of the United States is the best president ever, shame on you!"
The hypocritical leftists who protest against Trump claim they care about human rights.
But they did not protest against the president of Turkey, the Emir of Qatar, or the Saudi king who visited Britain over the past two years.
The moral level and the double standards of the left have reached a new low.
As you can see in video below Freedom of speech of conservatives in the UK is being restricted not only by the Tech giants on the Internet but also by the law enforcement forces.