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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Watch: Israel thanks Trump by naming town after him - The most pro-Trump country on earth!

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Israel Loves Trump So Much, They Named a Town After Him.
The state of Israel and the Jewish people have never had a better friend then President Donald J. Trump.
The bond between the US and Israel is stronger than ever.
History has been made when Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital and courageously recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the strategically important Golan Heights. In 2.5 short years, Trump has undone the horrific damage that Obama inflicted on Israel.
As you can see in Tweets embedded below U.S. President Donald Trump thanked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for moving with the plans to name an Israeli community in the Golan Heights after him.
"Thank you PM @Netanyahu and the State of Israel for this great honor!" Trump tweeted.