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Monday, June 24, 2019

Watch: Iraqi helicopters and US warplanes Hunting 14 ISIS terrorists near Kirkuk

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14 ISIS members killed by Iraqi Special Forces backed by the US near Kirkuk.
Video released by the Iraqi army presents the 2 days military action in an attempt to wipe ISIS off the face of the earth.
The anti-ISIS operation conducted by the Iraqi special forces was supported by US-led coalition warplanes. According to Iraqi Counter-terrorism Forces, the 2-days military operation included Iraqi helicopters and US warplanes.
In two short years President Trump has done more to secure America than Obama in 8 years.
North Korea, ISIS and Iran can no longer terrorize America.
Trump works according to his one rule "America First".
So far he has managed to destroy ISIS, destroy Obama's failed nuclear deal, get out of Paris climate agreement, move the American embassy to Jerusalem, and impose his Travel Ban.
The American economy is thriving and this is why the leftists lose their minds because Trump proves them wrong.