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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Watch: Iran bragging about shooting down US drone "Allahu Akbar"

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Iran releases footage of US drone being shot down by Revolutionary Guards terrorists shouting "Allahu Akbar" and celebrating the provocation against American forces.
This is clearly a declaration of war. The rulers of Iran do not care about the welfare of the Iranian people, they are simply too busy promoting Shiite terror throughout the Middle East.
Iran is one of the richest countries in natural resources, but the regime uses its wealth to start proxy wars & spread terrorism instead of improving people’s lives.
It was Obama who gave Iran BILLIONS of dollars. His inaction emboldened Iran to become the problem we have to deal with today. Obama staffers are still pushing the Middle East into a war.
Obama’s Iran Deal was a disaster: It allowed Iran to keep their nuclear infrastructure. It relieved sanctions and delivered billions in cash to a rogue regime. It all but guaranteed a nuclear Iran in less than a decade.