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Monday, June 3, 2019

Thousands celebrate Jerusalem Day in Israel to mark the end of the Islamist occupation

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The Jewish people have over a 3000 year connection to the land of Israel.
52 years ago, Jerusalem was liberated and reunited.
People all over the world celebrate Jerusalem Day that symbolize the day when the modern state of Israel guaranted the right to pray freely and safely for all religions in Jerusalem.
Giving Jerusalem to Hamas and the Palestinian Authority means banning Jews from entering the holiest sites in Judaism (The Western Wall and the Temple Mount). As the only democracy in the Middle East, only Israel can guarantee freedom of religion and freedom of worship for Christians and Jews in Jerusalem.
There are hundreds of mosques in Israel. There are zero synagogues in Gaza and Ramallah. So who is the real apartheid here?
The Palestinians want a state without Jews. Israel is the only place in the Middle East where Christians are safe and women are free.
Share this post to celebrate Jerusalem Day with the people of Israel.