Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Palestinians threw Plastic chairs at Jewish worshippers In Jerusalem - Media kept silent to avoid damaging the Palestinian victim image

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As you can see the post of Jewish activist Hananya Naftali embedded below The rioting by Palestinians against Jews on the Temple Mount left a mess in the holiest site in Judaism.
The Jewish people have over a 3000 year connection to the land of Israel.
52 years ago, Jerusalem was liberated and reunited.
Giving Jerusalem to Hamas and the Palestinian Authority means banning Jews from entering the holiest sites in Judaism (The Western Wall and the Temple Mount). As the only democracy in the Middle East, only Israel can guarantee freedom of religion and freedom of worship for Christians and Jews in Jerusalem.
Hananya's post was shared with the following description:
"On Jerusalem Day, Palestinian Muslims threw chairs and rocks at Jewish worshippers on Temple Mount. This is how they left their ‘holy site’. If something is holy to you, you don’t treat it like that."