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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Muslim outrage in Iran after video of schoolgirls singing songs without veils went viral on social media

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Iranian-American human rights activist has shared the next video on social media of young Iranian schoolgirls singing songs without veils to raise awareness of the brutal oppression of women in Iran.
These girls literally risk their lives just because they enjoy life in public.
Just recently, Iranian rulers have ordered the recruitment of thousands of sharia policemen to arrest the women who dare to rebel and remove the Islamic veil in public.
This is what the shari'a regime in Iran is targeting, girls and women who refuse to obey the strict religious laws.
The video (embedded below) was posted with the following description: "Today is #WhiteWednesdays. In Iran, our campaign has gained so much traction that people of all ages are showing unity against the discriminatory laws in place. These school girls are #WalkingUnveiled and singing a song in favour of gender equality. Victory will be ours..."