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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Iranian children REFUSE to step on Israel & US flags painted by the regime on the school staircase

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This is what the media does not show you about the brutal terror regime in Iran. Iranian rulers use the education system throughout the Islamic Republic to brainwash young children.
This is the reality of the children in Iran, every morning they are forced to step on the flags of the US and Israel and shout "Death to America, Death to Israel." This is not their choice, it is imposed upon them by the ayatollahs.
The video below shows children who refusing to step on the flags of the US and Israel.The people of Iran start to realize that Israel, the US and the West in general are not their enemy.
The only enemy the Iranian people have is the terror regime, the ayatollah and the IRGC who brutally oppress their own people and violate human rights on a regular basis.