Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Following Trump's lead, Another country Moves Its Embassy In Israel To Jerusalem

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Israel has a new ally in Europe.
Outrage in the Arab world as the Prime Minister of Moldova recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the order to move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
"Today we adopted the decision to relocate the Embassy of the Republic of Moldova in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. It was a long overdue commitment to support our allies." - Pavel Filip Moldova's PM (Tweet embedded below).
As the only democracy in the Middle East, only Israel can guarantee freedom of religion & freedom of worship for Christians & Jews in Jerusalem.
Giving Jerusalem to Hamas and the Palestinian Authority means banning Jews from entering the holiest sites in Judaism.
Western countries must follow Trump and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
Jerusalem was, is and will always remain the capital of Israel, if you need a proof just read the Bible, and if you need another one read the Quran. There is no mention of Jerusalem in the Quran.