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Monday, May 20, 2019

Watch: Switzerland forcing migrants and refugees to pay back all welfare benefits

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Watch: In Switzerland, You Can Be Denied Citizenship if you have used welfare systems.
Under a new law Switzerland denies citizenship to welfare recipients.
Europe is not so tolerant, open and diverse after all.
The mainstream media outlets refuse to recognize the reality that open borders and free immigration politics are a disaster.
Please watch and share the video below.
For decades, Europe encouraged people—mostly from the Middle East and North Africa—to come as temporary workers. Nobody expected them to stay. Yet they did. And nobody asked them to leave, even those who came illegally. As one British immigration minister put it in 1999, “Removal takes too long, and it’s emotional.”
The mass movement of peoples into Europe has been going on since the end of World War II but sped up massively in the migration crisis of 2015, when more than a million migrants poured into Europe from the Middle East, North Africa and East Asia.
What do you think is the best solution to the immigration crisis in Europe? Please leave a comment down below.