Thursday, May 2, 2019

Watch: Islamists burn Jewish land as the media ignores in order to avoid violating political correctness' rules

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05/02/2019 - Breaking news: Israel's Air Force bombed terror argets in Gaza after terrorists set fire to Jewish farms along the border.
Israel Defense Forces spokesman published the following statement (embedded below):
"...In response to the explosive and arson balloons launched from #Gaza to #Israel earlier today, our Air Force recently struck a number of Hamas terror targets in Gaza. We hold Hamas responsible...."
Israel is on brink of war as the Muslims in Gaza escalate the attacks.
Gaza terrorists started these fires in southern Israel with Molotov cocktails flown over the border with kites and balloons.
Israel can not allow this "kite terrorism" to continue, the Israeli air force will have to bomb the hell out of Hamas in Gaza, we will not allow them to burn our land.
Please Watch this video and share this post if you support Israel's right to defend itself.