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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Watch: Children forced to shield Hamas terrorists while attacking the Israeli border

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Watch: Hamas sends children to the front line, using them as human shields to carry out terrorist attacks against Israeli forces and Israeli communities along the Gaza border. The media is silent when Palestinians attack Israel but screams when Israel defends itself.
Every week, Hamas sends thousands of Muslims to attack Israel using them as human shields to carry out terror attacks against Israelis.
IDF soldiers don’t just protect a border, but what lies behind it -- our families, our homes, and our children.
4000 Israeli families live within 2 miles of the border. Israel was forced to protect these families.
Palestinians are not suffering because of Israel - they are suffering because of corrupted Palestinian leaders that get billions of dollars in foreign aid and steal it or divert it to terror activities.
Please share this post if you support Israel's right to defend itself.
Recently Trump has completely cut all US foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority and to the UN agencies in Gaza.
Australia, Canada and the UK must follow President Trump and cut all their foreign aid to the Palestinians.