Saturday, May 25, 2019

Ramadan 2019 - Explosion in French city of Lyon, at least 13 injured

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At least 13 people were hurt Friday in a terrorist attack in the French city of Lyon. Police have examined surveillance videos and are looking for a male bicyclist wearing a black sweater, black hood and black glasses.
France has experienced many terrorist attacks in recent years, some of them deadly, carried out by ISIS terrorists.
Muslims around the world celebrate the month of Ramadan. The ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is a holy month during which Muslims fast in commemoration of God’s revelation of their central holy text, the Koran, to the Prophet Muhammad.
Over the past few years, Islamist Terror organizations have increased terrorist operations during Ramadan. In particular, Islamic State, Hamas, the Islamic Jihad, al-Nusra, Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, and so etc.
Since the beginning of Ramadan 2019 Islamic terrorist groups including the Taliban, Boko Haram, and ISIS carried out an estimated 77 attacks in nearly 16 countries this month, killing at least 364 people and injuring 417 others in the first two weeks of the holiest month for Muslims .