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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Breaking: Syria tried to shoot down an Israeli plane in northern Israel

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Massive escalation: The Israeli military said it bombed a Syrian anti-aircraft battery on Monday night that earlier in the day had fired at one of its fighter jets during a routine mission within Israeli airspace.
The IDF issued the following statement: "...Earlier today, a Syrian anti-aircraft system fired at an IDF aircraft as it was carrying out a routine flight in Israel. The projectile landed in Syrian territory. In response, we targeted the Syrian launcher that was responsible for firing it..."

This is a deliberate provocation by Iran to ignite a war between Israel and Syria. The Ayatollah regime in Iran has deployed Iranian forces alongside Shiite militias from Afghanistan and Iraq near the Israeli-Syrian border as preparation for war against Israel.
Iran's leaders threaten to destroy Israel. Israel will never allow Iranian forces and their allies to deploy forces near its borders.