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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Breaking: Missile barrage hits Israel - Hamas has just violated another ceasefire

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05/02/2019 - Breaking: Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip launched at least two rockets into southern Israel early Thursday.
Israeli aircraft bombed a Hamas base in the northern Gaza Strip in response to wave of arson balloons that sparked brushfires in Eshkol region.
Gaza terrorists started these fires in southern Israel with Molotov cocktails flown over the border with kites and balloons. This must stop!
This is environmental terrorism In the name of the religion of peace.
Israel is on brink of war as the Muslims in Gaza escalate the attacks.
Palestinian Muslims burn farmland owned by non-Muslims as an act of JIHAD.
Before Israel retaliates and the hate mob start wailing about how unfair it all is, let’s remember that Over the past year, Hamas has regularly fired hundreds of missiles at Israel. The media has been completely silent about this in order not to avoid damaging the "victim" image of Palestinian Muslims.
The media is silent when terrorists attack Israel but screams when Israel defends itself.