Thursday, May 30, 2019

BREAKING: Israel blows up massive 20-story Hezbollah terror tunnel with tons of explosives

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The Israel Defense Forces reveals another Hezbollah attack tunnel discovered on the Israeli-Lebanese border during this past winter’s Operation Northern Shield, and says it is “the longest and most significant” one found. Watch: An EXCLUSIVE look inside a Hezbollah attack tunnel built to kill Israeli families
Take a look inside a Hezbollah attack tunnel that was built to kill Israelis!
The tunnel, now destroyed by IDF, began in the southern Lebanese village of Ramiya and infiltrated several meters into Israel, close to the communities of Zarit and Shetula.
This wouldn't be acceptable by any country!
But it is the reality on Israel's Northern Border.
The UN, the Media and the entire world are silent when terrorists attack Israel but scream when Israel defends itself.