Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Austria bans hijabs in schools - Outraged Muslim community calls it "an attack on Islam"

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Austrian MPs vote to ban all headscarves in primary schools
The law refers to ''all head-covering clothes of ideological or religious influence'', but it doesn't apply to the Jewish kippa, or to the turban worn by Sikh men.
Austria introduced a ban on full-face veils in October 2017, with the government describing the move as an attempt to promulgate Austrian values and promote integration.
Austria’s official Muslim community organisation has condemned the law, saying that they would contest the bill, which they described as “destructive” and “discriminatory against Muslims”.
The list of European countries adopting Burqa and Niqab bans has gained a new member.
Countries that already had such a ban include – France – Belgium – Netherlands – Bulgaria – Austria – Denmark. – Switzerland