Monday, April 22, 2019

Watch: This is the terrorist behind the church bombings in Sri Lanka

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Moderate Muslim leader in Australia who calls to reform of Islam leaked information about the perpetrators of the terrorist attack in Sri Lanka.
In a series of social media posts (Embedded below) Imam Tawhidi rote the following:
"...Breaking: Local news channels are reporting that this is the image of Zahran Hashim, one of the terrorists responsible for the #SriLankaAttacks. Trust, but verify. It’s still too early to confirm, but do expect other moustache-less handsome faces to surface soon....The terrorist behind one of the bombings in Sri Lanka was an Islamist Extremist Imam and preacher by the name of Moulvi Zahran Hashim (with many lectures online and YouTube - makes you wonder why YT never banned him for his terrorist ideology). Anyway, here’s part of the report: ..."