Thursday, April 25, 2019

Watch: Moroccan refugee arrested in Rome after Attacking Christians for wearing Crucifix Necklace

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Moroccan illegal migrant was arrested in Rome after after Attacking Christians for wearing Crucifix Necklace near Rome’s Termini train station.
The attack is just the latest anti-Christian attack to occur across Europe in recent months with neighbouring France seeing an average of three churches attacked per day.
Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world (including in Europe).
Newly released France 2018 stats.
Anti-Christian attacks: 1063.
Anti-Jewish attacks: 541 (an increase of 74 per cent).
Anti-Muslim attacks: 100 (Lowest in 9 years).
The Mainstream media underreporting violent attacks against Christians in France. Facts covered up:
Violence against Christians all time high.
Violence against Jews on the rise.
Violence against Muslims all time low.
Why doesn’t the mainstream media seem to care?
Where are all the human rights organizations of the UN? Where are all human rights organizations in the West?